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Employee Wellness

There is a common term being thrown around lately- “Quiet Quitting”. It refers to the mental and emotional connection an employee has with their job and company. An employee is working for you but may not feel emotionally or mentally connected. They perform only at the minimal level needed to retain their job. Especially in this age of a high percentage of remote workers who are more subject to a feeling of disengagement.


According to a survey conducted by The Hartford, 34% of employees feel anxious or depressed and 71% of employwers believe that deteriorating mental health has a direct negative financial impact on their company.


I take an empowered approach to health and wellbeing. I can help your employees feel more motivated, productive, happier and healthier. And connected.


I will create and develop the best corporate wellness and mindfulness based on my experience .with individuals and companies. As a result, you can expect to have more team building opportunities and more connected employees.

I will offer different types of programs developed to fit the different needs of your employees, acting as a professional resource and facilitator. As a result, you are able to give your employees the support they need to perform and be their very best.

Guest Speaker and Lecturer

Are you looking for additional expertise and value in your meetings and conferences with a guest speaker? I find tremendous satisfaction and joy in being an invited speaker and lecturer for organizations, groups and companies. I deliver a high energy message of wellness in a memorable and authentic way.


I have had the honor and pleasure of being a guest speaker and expert for:
Barron’s: Top Women’s Advisors Summit “Keep Your Adrenals Running”, She Summit, California Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Wholistic Mothering Association and the Lupus Foundation to name a few.


Hiring a guest speaker for your next event whether it be in person or virtual can reap long lasting and meaningful benefits. It increases employee engagement and creates a momentum of inspiration. A Huffington Post article mentions that almost every survey around employee engagement indicates that 60-70% of employees feel disengaged at work.

Well Business Advisor

I help wellness professionals grow their business.
Your passion lies in helping others and you are thinking of starting or have started your own business and practice to do just that.
I provide support and accountability helping to give you clarity, direction and a plan.

I am here to advise, and help guide you to the ensure you care for your practice as well as you care for your clients.


I have been where you are now and have learned what works best and what does not. I understand how much of yourself and time needs to be directed to the success of your business. Together, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, set goals, market and analyze your growth and results, just to name a few.

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