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Womens Health
Our practitioners offer treatment plans, advice and personalized programs to build your overall health, emotional strength, resilience, and physical endurance. We help our patients navigate through life processes, pregnancy, parenting, menopause and more. Pregnancy & Fertility Issues Parenting Menopause
Dr. Pina tries to unravel the root cause of any hormonal imbalance
Commonly treated conditions:• Amenorrhea • Endometriosis • Hormone Imbalances • Dysmenorrhea • PCOS • Fertility• PMS• Menopause • Fibroids
Unexplained infertility or miscarriages is something that unfortunately commonly hear in our practice when a woman first comes in. It is our main objective to figure out what are the underlying imbalances or nuances that you and your partner may need to modify to give the body the best opportunity for conceiving and holding a baby to happen.

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